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Do you earn to waste ?

Wasting your privileges is like flushing money in toilet


Nobody in the world is ready to give all the money they have to the ones who really need it. But they are happily ready to spend it in the things they actually don’t need.  Do you want to know how ? Let’s see..

Big portions of burgers and chips and most of it go in bin right?Screenshot_2016-03-29-22-00-06-1

Imagine a week without food?


Chinese take away mummy it’s weekend..

Uhh! I don’t feel like eating anymore..


This is their meal for the whole day..


Leaving the tap open while brushing teeth?


Someone is not even able to get clean drinking water


Those who know it’s worth


Water and food, two necessities of life that we often overlooked and don’t even take for granted .

Living in countries like UK and US, the most common thing you observe is too much wastage. No I’m not promoting any campaign. In my own house there’s a lot of food that has been wasted and that is the reason that made me write this blog. I live in a sharing house where not everything is in my hands. I can’t stop people or interfere in their life. But they always complain about money. When they see their bills, they are like,


I am really hurt to see how people themselves don’t realize of what’s going wrong where. I don’t agree of saving money and don’t spend on your basic needs or just keep it in your accounts till the end of your life. I just want to tell people. Do spend your money on something good. Better giving charity then wasting.

Saving money

Well no.. If you see buy one get one free on your nearest supermarket and you think you are saving money then you are wrong.


Sometimes you get 2 when you just even want one.  Just for the sake of taking advantage of offer the item goes directly in the bin after a week.

Screenshot_2016-03-29-21-58-35-1Screenshot_2016-03-29-22-21-23-1I want to tell all the people and specially all the mothers that one penny makes a pound or breaks it. If you safe for now it will benefit you or your children later in life. There are so many ways to save money.

If you are pregnant and about to give birth consider breastfeeding . Formula milk is very expensive. Screenshot_2016-03-29-22-26-46-1

Shocking isn’t it ?


Put the dishwashing liquid on the scourer not directly on pots or pans. It’s really annoying. You don’t know how much you waste buying those bottles every week and how much you can save using one for many days.


Seriously, almost everyone is in debt because of the blessing of credit cards and interests. Get out of it as soon as you can and see the difference. You will feel much more light and happy.



I’m so thankful to God for what I have. I’m also thankful to him for the things I don’t have. Because whenever I will get that in my life it will be much more worth in it. I want my daughter to be greatful and appreciate of what I give her. Money is not everything in life but we earn to live. There are so many people who are deprived of basic things. Look after them.

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How I started weaning my girl

Our weaning journey started 2 months ago. When I started it was just one meal a day and now my girl is 6 months and having 3 meals a day.

My little girl on her weight chart started with 50th centile and then dropped to 25th centile.  She was exclusively breastfeeding First few months.  On the advice of health visitor I start topping her up with formula twice a day. But still dropping on weight chart. She is very active, plays well and doing everything  perfectly fine.

As she was dropping her centile lines I followed my mummy instinct and considered weaning earlier than guidelines. My baby taught me a lot. What she likes, what can she take, what can she digest.  After coming on solids three times a day she is picking up again.

I started her food with baby rice. Well usually everyone says to start with rice. My girl wasn’t really into it. I tried few times but she didn’t like it. Then I bought Aptamil banana porridge and to my amazement. She loved it.


It’s very easy to make. Just add one table spoon to a bowl and 3 tablespoon of warm water or formula milk or breastmilk.

In the same porridge i started adding purees( apple and pear) . I was not experimenting at the beginning because it was still early for her digestive system to adjust.

Her poo changed and the consistency as well. One thing that worried me was she was not pooping daily. Her poo turned hard and she became constipated.  My mistake and I didn’t realize. I have to give her lots of water with solids. Now I give her water whenever I can and things started coming back to normal. Still she poo every 2 days  but better than before.

Till one month porridge and purees are the only one meal I was making for her. By her 5th month, I started giving her hint of everything.  For e.g. If I’m eating boiled egg I mash it’s yolk and gave. She asked for more. Likewise, I had avocado and I offered her with it as well.

Similarly, I gave her lots of easy digestible foods. Some she liked a lot and some of them she didn’t.  Those she didn’t like she push it away from mouth or puked.  So the list of first food I started from 4 months are as follows:

  • Baby banana porridge (loved it)
  • Apple puree (loved it)
  • Pear puree (loved it)
  • Potato mash (50,50)
  • Avocado (loved it)
  • Sweet potato puree (liked it)
  • Banana puree (she puked straight away)
  • Carrot puree (liked it)

At 6 months,

  • Cauliflower and potato mash
  • Carrot, peas and sweet potato mash
  • Semolina porridge
  • Chicken,Rice and lentil soup
  • Full fat yoghurt with puree
  • Butternut squash puree
  • Peach puree
  • Oaty porridge
  • Scrambled egg
  • Boiled egg yolk
  • Cauliflower cheese
  • Diluted fresh orange juice
  • Fresh apple juice

And I’m still on my way trying different things. She loved all of these things. I make all my baby food at home. If anybody interested in baby food recipes leave a comment below.

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Sleep training success


Babies are not meant to act like clock work. Neither, they can follow a book. Every baby is different and the way they develop day by day also tend to be different. Some babies are good sleeper naturally but few of them give hard time to their parents. The only thing a parent can do is to establish a routine as soon  as they can.

At the beginning, when baby is born we can’t follow any routine. That time the only important thing is to be there for her and give her what she needs. They sleep a lot in their early days. But they don’t have any pattern of sleep. They sleep any time and they get up anytime.

When can you start establishing routine

When baby reaches their 6 weeks they will go through growth spurt as well. At that time a mother should try to look for the cues and start putting them to sleep on particular times. If they don’t sleep don’t get frustrated. Just try to follow similar routine everyday before their night sleep and daytime naps. Put them to sleep during daytime naps and night time on the similar times. Babies will eventually learn to follow the timing by watching their surroundings. Keep the lights as dim as you can and keep it quiet at night so they know it’s night and they should sleep quietly. When putting them to sleep during day do not try to keep it as quiet. You don’t have to tip toe as you won’t be able to do anything if you worry about them to sleep long. They need to learn the difference during day and night. When they grow older their daytime naps will go shorter.

When my girl reached her six weeks, I started following routine before her night sleep of bathing, massaging, changing of pyjamas, low lights and feed. She was and still breastfeeding and she usually dozed off after her feed.  Initially it was a struggle because the time I wanted her to sleep was not the time for her feed. So she didn’t know how to put herself to sleep at that stage. Then after a week, she started waking up just after 20 minutes of her sleep. Like I used to start her routine at 9pm and by the time I feed her she used to go to sleep by 10. And then she wake up a lot at 12 then 2 then 5. Because she was exclusively breastfeeding. So you have to be lenient but consistent at that stage. 

By the time she reached her 3 months everything went out of the window. I was searching and reading a lot about what I was doing wrong. But couldn’t find anything.

When she was 4 months, I found out about sleep training.  There were two methods.

  1. Cry it out
  2. No tears (pick up put down)

I read and read and read. There was not a single thing I liked about cry it out. The first method ‘cry it out’ is that you leave your kid in her cot or moses basket after nappy change and feed. And leave the room. The baby will cry but you can’t come until 5 minutes. After 5 minutes you come in room and check if they are ok. If they still cry you let them cry. And next time you come after 10 minutes. Baby will cry and then learn to sleep . Which  doesn’t make any sense to me.  May be it work for few people but I just can’t see my baby crying and coughing. So I just ignored the idea of cry it out.

Then I read about no tears. I completely swear by it.

Pick up put down

Well this worked for me wonders. I’m going to tell you about it in detail. But just keep that in mind. You have to be consistent and do not compromise at the beginning. No matter you have a night out with your husband or anything in the world. It’s better to have good night tine with hubby everyday rather than once a week. If you want you baby to learn the skill for the rest of their life and some peace for your sleeps, be there for them and start.

What you got to do is after their night time routine. Do not let them sleep after their feed. Well I’m not saying always but just when you are starting your sleep training. If they sleep just try to rub their ear or cheeks or open one leg of the babygrow . Consider that you don’t need to fully wake them up. You need to put them down in their basket when they are sleepy not asleep.

After few seconds they are going to start crying. Don’t let them cry . Pick them up and calm them down. When they stop crying you need to put them down. They will start crying again. Pick them up again and continue doing it till they go to sleep.

First attempts could be failure but for me she learned to sleep on third day. It was so amazing. I stopped all that rocking and moving. And my daughter was sleeping on her own. On the fourth day, I didn’t even need to pick her up. I just patted her on her chest.

She is 6 months now and most of the time she sleep straight after breastfeed. I don’t wake her up if she is in deep sleep. But if she don’t sleep during feed, I use the same method. Now she sleep through the night 10pm to 8am and have 3 regular daytime naps.

The good thing about this method is that you can use the same technique during daytime naps.  But I must say determination, patience and consistency is the key.

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Travelling with 6 month old..


Oh my god! You done a poo right when  we are leaving …. I just changed you a while ago.

Now, if you are a new mum or have more kids you exactly know what I’m talking about.

My girl is exactly 6 months old and we are going on a long journey by car. Theres a family wedding there and we are going to stay for two days in a hotel. The navigation says it will take about 5 hours to reach there . But my husband driving skills will take us earlier.  So that’s her first long journey.


Is there anything in the world that I’m not taking with me? I don’t understand how people manage to go for holiday with more kids. Like how many thing you can pack.

I’m wearing a dress I’m not going to breastfeed there. Please allow it. I need to take a Flask.  But how I’m going to make food for her. I have to give her jar foods. What if she poo at the wedding and her poo goes up to her neck?? At the last minute when I was leaving I was at the door and thought. Ahhhhhhh! I’m still forgetting something.

So without dragging the post more let me write a short list for baby stuff. So if by chance any new mum scrolling through my post have an idea what to take.

  1. Milk bottle
  2. Flask
  3. Formula
  4. Bottle brush to wash
  5. Baby grows
  6. Body suits
  7. Nappies
  8. Wipes
  9. Gripe water
  10. Bibs and muslin
  11. Socks
  12. Cardigans
  13. Baby food if 6 months or older
  14. Baby feeding spoon and bowl
  15. Baby towel
  16. Head to toe body wash
  17. Blanket
  18. Travel cot ( our hotel giving us one )
  19. Sudo creme
  20. Pyjamas
  21. Breastfeeding apron just in case
  22. Toy
  23. Singing talent if they start whinging in car.

I’m not very good with organising.  I try to and I want to. But I don’t know why it took 2 hours to pack her thing. Well I never get chance to do all in one go. I cooked the I gave her bath then I changed her nappy.

My advice to all mummies from my experience. No matter how tired and sleepy you are. Do pack your bags one day before you are leaving. It gives you less stress and more chance to get everything one place.

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We don’t need negative vibes…


Anger, bad behaviour, hatred, jealousy, frustration, arguments,  envy, insult, guilt, regret, betrayal, humiliation, disappointment, sadness, pain ….

Sounds very familiar huh ???

No matter how much you try to force it out of your life, it returns uninvited with its ugly face. Ruining lives, soul, personalities and relationships. No matter where you go you get good or bad. The art is to deal with it. Nurture good in your life and taking negativity out.

So many times, when I get angry my brain stops functioning. I feel like burning inside. Like a fire flaming up in my brain. I feel like screaming and yelling. I try my best to avoid situations by keeping my mouth shut and it’s difficult as anything. Negative vibes affect my whole personality. I stop thinking logically. I see negative, think negative and when I open my mouth I regret later.

How many of us see other people and envy them like … wow! He or she is so lucky. He’s got a great life. He has big car. Oh! He is loaded by money. She is so beautiful . Her husband got her diamond necklace. They go holiday every year. They got their own house. Why cant i have this? Why am I deprived? Where, their lives are as complicated beyond your imagination. Everyone is burning in their own fire and everyone have some kind of problem. Things you take for granted in your life may be a treasure for someone else. No matter what God gives you. You look at those things that other people have.


Be a fountain, not a drain

Well I’m not an expert. Neither, I always follow them. But if I consider doing it all the time. My life will be much more simple and I will be much more happy. As I am thinking logical and positive right now . There are few tips that can take all the negative vibes away if we consider them.

  • Look and admire the things (ALLAH) God has given you. Show your gratitude towards God and his people. Be greatful of what you have.
  • If you want to be greatful. Look at those who are deprived of basic needs in life. You will see yourself no better than anything.
  • Build your spirituality and connection with Allah. The more you are closer to God, the less you worry about world.
  • Respect people. Believe in karma. You get what you do. Treat people like you want to be treated.
  • Try to forget those incidents  or events that only give you pain. It’s possible.
  • Forgive those who hurt you and forgive them for the sake of Allah.
  • When you don’t like certain type of behaviour, the best thing to do is to stay quiet. I’m talking about relationships. Sometimes silence convey all the meanings.
  • Love everyone. Keep your heart full of love. When you get angry think about someone you love most.
  • Ignore ignorant people. Look away or move. Get your presence out of there.
  • Stop hanging out with negative people. The only thing you catch from them is bad
  • Smile everytime you look at someone.
  • Always share and give people. Your heart will find satisfaction when someone benefit from it.
  • Look at good qualities of people nobody is perfect not even you. God has created us like that.
  • Distract yourself or keep it busy when something bothering you. Clean the fridge or your wardrobe and think like you are organizing your life.
  • Go out and give yourself some space.
  • Do something you love most when you are angry or upset. Eat or drink or cook.
  • It’s not necessary that you are always right. I can be wrong, so can anyone else. If you done something wrong or hurt anyone with your action or speech. Ask forgiveness.
  • When you do something nice. To your husband or mum or friend. Don’t expect anything in return. Those people are the happiest who expect less.
  • Watch your reaction. Become like a wall. If a ball hits it. The wall bounce it back. The ball can’t break the wall.  As many times you hit the ball it comes back to you.


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How much love is too much?


There is nothing more important to me when it comes to my daughter.  I love her so much to the extent people telling me that I need to slow  down. After having my daughter I realised the worth of my own mother . The problems and all the struggle she faced raising me and giving me the best she could. The same feeling have for my daughter.

The best thing I have in my life right now is my baby. It took me 3 years to conceive her. I have been trying to conceive since 3 years. It was a struggle.  Me and my husband both wanted to have a kid since we got married. We had ups and downs in our relationship but he was always very supportive. She came in my life like a light in a dark.

I used to work part time. But now,I don’t want to go back.  I just can’t leave my princess. They say I’m paranoid. I want them to know I’m a mother.  What I feel for her is something indescribable. The words don’t fulfill the meanings. The first thing in the morning when she coos in her moses basket and smile to see my face. When I pick her up that’s our moment.  When she look into my eyes and the spark she gets in her eyes. Like I’m her whole world. Soon there will be a day when she call me , mama! Let me do it myself.  I will be so proud.

There’s nothing in the world like this love. If loving my child and me being there all the time for her is too much. Then I say, I love her too much ! She is my whole world and the comfort of my eyes.

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Baby has wind, gas or colic… I didn’t know that….


All my pregnancy and after a week of giving birth. Nobody mentioned to me that babies have wind or gas. After two weeks postpartum I fed my girl and put her in her moses basket. She slept straight away. In the middle of night she woke up screaming. I thought she was hungry.  I fed her. After feed she started crying again.  I thought she had a dirty nappy. But no, it wasn’t.  She didn’t stop crying.  And poor me….. I started crying as well. After 2 minutes she puked ( projectile vomit). Her clothes, bedding, blanket and my clothes … everything was of vomit. I was at my mums place those days. She woke up and came to see what’s going on. There she told me that I might not burped her properly. And she might be gassy.

For me, it was a very new thing. Oh! Baby have gases. So what can we really do about gases? In the middle of night where can I get something to relieve her gas? Wait… she is just two weeks. I can’t give her gripe water can I ?? Its too late to go buy infacol. Searched again . . Searched….. Dr. Google saved the day. . Actually it was YouTube.. well both.

I read on baby centre website that almost all babies whether they are bottle fed or breast fed have gas to some degree and there is a massage to relieve baby’s wind or colic. Those bicycle movements.  And leg press to the stomach actually worked.

She gave me what I wanted. .  . A big fart! In my life that was the first time I got so happy on fart.

Yes….  Farts and poos and wees. .. they are my best friends now.  I wait for them.  Later, next morning I went to pharmacy and bought infacol for her. When I gave her infacol she puked again. I tried again after next feed and she vomited again.  Then my mum told the water I use to boil for her formula top up, boil it with 2 3 seeds of fenugreek (saunf). I did and that was life saver. I was not topping up with formula that time but to just relieve her pain I did. And it worked.

That was my first experience with baby wind. And I’m not saying that it will work for every baby.  But worth trying.

When she turned to one month I started giving her gripe water. And before that I used to massage her belly every other day.

Just remember, always burp your baby. If she’s asleep or not burping. Just keep her upright on the shoulder for good 10 minutes.

Signs of baby’s wind

  1. They become irritable and stretch their back.
  2. They become very fussy while feeding.
  3. They will not settle after feed.
  4. Projectile vomiting.
  5. They won’t sleep.
  6. When baby doesnt burp, do hiccup, spit out milk a lot more than usual or belch. This indicates too much air been swallowed while feeding.
  7. Bloating of the abdomen.  When wind traps in intestines causing built up pressure, pain and discomfort. The stomach will feel hard to touch.

So what we can try;

To relieve

My baby was just two weeks. So the only thing I tried was tummy massage and formula milk made in saunf water. The other things mums can try are;

  1. Infacol: you can give infacol from birth onwards.
  2. Gripe water: after 1 month
  3. Tummy massage : there are so many videos on YouTube for colicky babies.  Or massage to help relive gas.
  4. Tummy time
  5. Bicycling legs.
  6. Swaddling.

I  will suggest if anything else that concern you as a mum. Mention to your doctor or health visitor. As I always tell my doctor whatever makes me worry about my girl. I take my girl to health visitor every two weeks and they are really helpful and informative.

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Things you need to know about breastfeeding as a first time mum


1. First time breastfeeding

First 3 days. Oh my goodness! Before birth I thought I’m going to exclusively breastfeed my baby. Well I did but I was thinking I’m not going to give even single drop of formula milk. Baby’s stomach increases in days. I thought I will be having enough milk. On my second day postpartum, I was feeding my girl for 1 hour and then 2 hours but she was crying and crying and crying. I was at my wits end  and at the end of day I started crying as well. Thoughts like I’m not a good mum or I’m not providing enough for my baby keep bombarding my mind. I gave her one ounce formula and there you go. She got settled. Looking around. And then she slept for 3 hours.

I kept breastfeeding her during all day. On the third day, she slept for 4 hours and my supply was at its peak. I remember I was trying to wake her up so I feed her. Because it was leaking.

2. Managing milk supply

As a first time mum, you have to feed with both breast for a constant time. Well it’s a common sense but I was myself use to forget which side I fed her. Ending up one side heavier than other.

Newborn babies take long to feed but as they grow older, feeding time tends to get shorter. I downloaded an app for breastfeeding. It was so good . It indicated each side and how long and how many times baby has been fed.

If your baby sleep longer after one breast. Try using pump for the other side only when you feel it’s too full and your baby is not waking up. To my own experience I don’t like using pump. But there are times you don’t have any option . You have to take it out.

Now I don’t use any app or pump.  My baby has started weaning and she feeds for shorter time and not very frequently.  And now I learnt and knew how to manage.

3. Blocked ducts or hardened milk

This is a killer. I had it 3 times now. So painful and frustrating.  It happens when you don’t feed or express milk for long period. And you have full milk. Hard lumps formed in your breast that won’t go even after you feed your baby.

I still remember one night when it happened to me first time . I literally woke up from my sleep. I saw there was a milk blister on my nipple and 3 lumps in my breast.  I went into hot shower to bring it down, I expressed, I fed nothing helped.

I searched and searched and found milk blisters can be treated by sterilised needle if you just burst the blister and feed. Well I know so many of you will disagree . But it worked for me. But I am going to get checked from my gp as well.

I observed it happens more after I started weaning my girl.  Always tell your gp about anything that need to be concerned.

Sometimes even if your baby bump his head on your chest or by mistake it got hit by anything that can cause lumps and pain in breast as well. So be careful.

4. Increasing supply

I’m a pakistani, so my mum always bombard me with so many baby hacks and tips. Supply always depends on the demand. Usually, your body will produce the amount your baby needs. But there are ways to increasing supply as well.

My mum told me to drink water boiled with fennel seeds. It helps increasing the milk supply and will also be good on baby stomach.

The other thing she told me was eating fish increase milk supply as well. And it truly does.

In first few months,baby wakes a lot during night for feed. My mum used to give milk before bed. Now I always have a glass of milk before sleeping. It helps with milk supply during night time.

5. Quality of milk

It all depend on your diet. I really really want to tell most the new mums to please look after your diet. Your baby is what you eat. Babies tummies are so sensitive in early days. So as your body.  So eat clean diet at the beginning. Avoid spices or heavy junk food. Drink plenty of water. Do not drink cold juice or drinks. Limit your caffeine. Eat lots of nuts. Our asian mummies always make ‘panjeeri ‘ for new mummy. This is the whole blend of nuts, seeds, dry fruits roasted in clarified butter. It is so good for milk and it gives so much energy to mum. It helps soothe and recover the postpartum body as well.

 6. Proper latch

It’s very important. Milk doesn’t flow properly causing hardening and making lumps in breast if baby is not properly latched. The nipple should by fully in mouth and make sure the baby is breathing fine.

7. Breastfeeding positions

Always make yourself comfortable while feeding. Invest in good nursing pillows. I swear by the one I have. It’s c shaped. Do not lean on your baby while feeding. It gives you so much back pain. If baby is fussy try changing the positions.



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Breastfeeding to sleep and soothe baby

Screenshot_2016-03-17-12-44-23-1Babies are born with the instinct of sucking the breast . After birth the minute you put baby skin to skin, she starts feeding. It’s normal and it’s natural. If comfort nursing works for you and your family than nothing else matters at all.  When your baby grows few months older, people will start telling you to stop using feed as an association to sleep. Your kid needs to learn how to put himself to sleep on his own.

According to a research, sucking on breast releases a hormone called cholecystokinin (CCK) which makes both baby and mummy feeling relaxed and brings baby in sleep mode (Uvnas-Muberg et. Al 1993).

It’s important to teach your children good habits but it’s perfectly normal and healthy if your baby drift off on breast. It’s one of the developmental stage.

Babies usually wake up 2 to 3 times at night during their first year.  Some babies are just different they sleep through the night. There are no right or wrong rules or any successful methods.  Few things works for few babies and those same things won’t work on other babies. As time passes you will learn yourself what is more comforting for your baby.

My baby girl is about 6 months now and I trained her for sleeping as well. But she still drops off to sleep while feeding. I will write a post about how I trained her to sleep on her own. But for now I just want all the mothers to know to give your baby comfort. They feel close to you and they relax . Just think about it this way. Time flies when you have a baby and they wont be able to get the comfort and nourishment through breastfeed in their later life. So make the most of it and dont feel guilty . Even we as adults have associations to sleep like watching TV, reading book , scrolling through our smartphones and tablets.

Trust your baby and yourself.  There will be a time when your baby will go to sleep on his own. And then you will miss the closeness you had before. Just make the most of it.

I used to google a lot and i read a lot of articles about how to put baby to sleep , how to get them sleep through night, is comfort nursing good or bad. And all the mothers have these concerns. I can truly relate with that. But I learnt if that time someone came to me and reassure that this time is very little. My baby sleep through by God’s blessing .  She still wakes up once at night. But after a feed she goes back to sleep. It’s a natural developmental progression that she learnt when she was ready. And your baby will learn it too. Do not get frustrated and trust yor instinct. You are the mother and you are the whole world for your baby right now.  So be there for her .

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