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Travelling with 6 month old..


Oh my god! You done a poo right when  we are leaving …. I just changed you a while ago.

Now, if you are a new mum or have more kids you exactly know what I’m talking about.

My girl is exactly 6 months old and we are going on a long journey by car. Theres a family wedding there and we are going to stay for two days in a hotel. The navigation says it will take about 5 hours to reach there . But my husband driving skills will take us earlier.  So that’s her first long journey.


Is there anything in the world that I’m not taking with me? I don’t understand how people manage to go for holiday with more kids. Like how many thing you can pack.

I’m wearing a dress I’m not going to breastfeed there. Please allow it. I need to take a Flask.  But how I’m going to make food for her. I have to give her jar foods. What if she poo at the wedding and her poo goes up to her neck?? At the last minute when I was leaving I was at the door and thought. Ahhhhhhh! I’m still forgetting something.

So without dragging the post more let me write a short list for baby stuff. So if by chance any new mum scrolling through my post have an idea what to take.

  1. Milk bottle
  2. Flask
  3. Formula
  4. Bottle brush to wash
  5. Baby grows
  6. Body suits
  7. Nappies
  8. Wipes
  9. Gripe water
  10. Bibs and muslin
  11. Socks
  12. Cardigans
  13. Baby food if 6 months or older
  14. Baby feeding spoon and bowl
  15. Baby towel
  16. Head to toe body wash
  17. Blanket
  18. Travel cot ( our hotel giving us one )
  19. Sudo creme
  20. Pyjamas
  21. Breastfeeding apron just in case
  22. Toy
  23. Singing talent if they start whinging in car.

I’m not very good with organising.  I try to and I want to. But I don’t know why it took 2 hours to pack her thing. Well I never get chance to do all in one go. I cooked the I gave her bath then I changed her nappy.

My advice to all mummies from my experience. No matter how tired and sleepy you are. Do pack your bags one day before you are leaving. It gives you less stress and more chance to get everything one place.



I am a full time mum of two girls. I did masters in HRM from the University of East London and have worked for 3 years. I'm a stay at home mum now and all I want to do is to be with my princesses and give them all they need. Being a mum is a full time job and not easy at all. To me, parenting is the toughest job in the world. I am still learning and decided to portray my learning experience here.

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