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I am angry because I couldn’t fight..

Today I am angry again.  To my level best I try and avoid conflicts and misunderstanding.  But it’s hard to hold. I try to be nice and understanding for everyone and I don’t pick point on anything. I don’t make big issues of small things. But it’s always me who been treated like rubbish.

Why …..?? Because I let people .. I feel bad telling them off. I feel bad mentioning bad. I keep them on my head. I want to fight with anyone who thinks I’m stupid. But I can’t do it. I really really need to let my anger out .. I always choose to not be the one.  I Don’t like fighting. I don’t like arguments. I don’t like backbiting.

Want some space . Want some of my time. Want myself back. Am I being ungrateful? Yes or no. I don’t care right now. Pointless. . Yes too much.



I am a full time mum of two girls. I did masters in HRM from the University of East London and have worked for 3 years. I'm a stay at home mum now and all I want to do is to be with my princesses and give them all they need. Being a mum is a full time job and not easy at all. To me, parenting is the toughest job in the world. I am still learning and decided to portray my learning experience here.

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