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Wedding couples around the globe – part 1

It’s so amazing how we are surrounded by so many different people of different culture and identities. Living in UK, I have seen a lot of cultural diversity. It is sometimes very nice to know how they do things.  One of the most interesting thing that clicked my mind when I was looking at my friend’s wedding photo who’s nigerian. There when I came back home, this idea struck my mind to see different types of wedding all countries have and how do they look. Well I haven’t done any research. All I wanted to do is to see.

Here I collected those images to share and I’m going to tell you about my view on the photo.  You can leave your views in the comment box.

So this post is going to be really long because obviously I tried my best to arrange all the photos together. It’s really hard for me to do it altogether.  So this post will be continued to part 2.

Chinese wedding


Aren’t they really cute. I really like their traditional dress. And it really suits them. Tell me if I’m correct it looks like bhudist wedding.

English bride and groom


They look so nice.  The lady look amazing. Perfect photo.

Arabic couple

Screenshot_2016-04-17-15-46-05-1Awww they look so young. Well I think that’s a good age for tying the knots. The groom looks quite bored though. Or he might just not know he’s been captured. And the bride is really innocent.

Brazilian wedding


Very colourful.  That’s all I can say.

Traditional Russian bride and groom


Wow! They look like film stars. Truly amazing.

Moroccan bride and groom


The bride is so pretty. Groom look bit old. Actually, this photo is old. Couldn’t find any new. They are ok.

Couple from Somalia


They look truly made for each other. Very nice photo.  This yellow really suits her.  So simple and elegant.

Ancient style Egyptian wedding


Don’t feel like commenting on this one. But yes there you go.

Turkish wedding couple


This is such a beautiful picture. Everything is so perfect.  Her dress and style. Both look so nice together.

And the next post will be coming soon with different photos. Catch it on wedding couples around the globe part 2.



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