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How I feel being 7 months pregnant


So this is how I have been feeling lately. And I really hate the fact that the people around you doesn’t seem to be bothered. To my surprise, those women who experienced the exact same situation says, ” oh! Pregnancy… I used to do this I used to be really active.” I mean hello !!!! What do you mean to say all this rubbish in front of a woman who can barely walk or stand due to pregnancy pelvic girdle pain.

I am not mean. In fact,  I’m very generous and kind to the people. But these days I just hate unwanted guests. Why ….. WhY do I have to get up and sit down in front of them after running around my toddler all day long. Then I have to ask for tea and food.. Not for just one day … its bloody every other day. I’m exhausted man !!! Out of breath.

Don’t ask about sleep. The moment I’m in deep sleep my toddler wakes me up. Then I have to go wee. Then I feel thirsty.  Then I can’t turn to other side and stuck. Then I have a leg cramp.  Then my baby decide to get in some weird kind of position that hurt like hell.

Husband ..  feels like I should go somewhere and bang my head to the wall… He is acting like an ar*e. Excuse me ! You are suppose to ask me if I need anything or if I’m feeling alright. Instead of watching stupid scary movies and playing stupid games on you phone. It’s your kid as well . Why is it just me waddling around ??

And the aunty who says.. dear I hope Allah will definitely give you a son this time. Thank you so much !! First of all you are a woman. So be proud of yourself. My first daughter means the world to me. I am ready to have anything  and im not bothered about gender. My kids will be my kids whether they all are girls or boys. For your kind information. I have not found out the gender this time as well.

Rant over !!!!


Wedding couple around the globe – part 2

It’s been delayed for quite long but I was really busy with my daughter.  Now I will share some of the amazing photos I collected for this post. 

For those who are reading this post first time. I request to view my previous post Wedding couples around the globe – part 1.

Here we go with all the amazing photos. Click the like button or comment and let me know which photos are the best ones. What do you find interesting in them.

Asian/Pakistani wedding


This is such a lovely photo. I am pakistani and I just love the way brides prepare for there big day. Just loved it.

Asian/ Indian wedding


You might be thinking it’s quite similar to the pakistani one.  Well Indian and pakistani cultural are somewhat similar. Apart from the religion, all the bridal makeup and events are usually similar.

Muslim jamaican wedding


The sari looks really cute on bride.

Traditional Romanian couple


Nice outfits. What an amazing expression they both have.

Scottish bride and groom


Bride with red hair that suits her best. How people are so different all over the world.

Wedding in Czech Republic


They look so uncomfortable.  Well I would be If someone put these much layers of clothing on my wedding.

Taiwanese couple



Such a lucky woman. Her husband lifted her up on his back.  Yet he is so skinny.My husband just moan about my weight. That’s called eternal love.  

From Singapore


The couple is really cute. But I don’t understand one thing.  Why do they need a guitar in a photo. I mean it’s alright to have interest in music. But why in the wedding photo ?

Mexican couple


It’s really interesting. I know it’s really really interesting.

Greek wedding


Yes you have to stay together forever. Don’t squeeze his hand. He is already baffled and I’m not taking the mick.

Thailand wedding


Well that’s all for now.  Hope you like this post. Don’t forget to give your feedback.

Bye bye

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Wedding couples around the globe – part 1

It’s so amazing how we are surrounded by so many different people of different culture and identities. Living in UK, I have seen a lot of cultural diversity. It is sometimes very nice to know how they do things.  One of the most interesting thing that clicked my mind when I was looking at my friend’s wedding photo who’s nigerian. There when I came back home, this idea struck my mind to see different types of wedding all countries have and how do they look. Well I haven’t done any research. All I wanted to do is to see.

Here I collected those images to share and I’m going to tell you about my view on the photo.  You can leave your views in the comment box.

So this post is going to be really long because obviously I tried my best to arrange all the photos together. It’s really hard for me to do it altogether.  So this post will be continued to part 2.

Chinese wedding


Aren’t they really cute. I really like their traditional dress. And it really suits them. Tell me if I’m correct it looks like bhudist wedding.

English bride and groom


They look so nice.  The lady look amazing. Perfect photo.

Arabic couple

Screenshot_2016-04-17-15-46-05-1Awww they look so young. Well I think that’s a good age for tying the knots. The groom looks quite bored though. Or he might just not know he’s been captured. And the bride is really innocent.

Brazilian wedding


Very colourful.  That’s all I can say.

Traditional Russian bride and groom


Wow! They look like film stars. Truly amazing.

Moroccan bride and groom


The bride is so pretty. Groom look bit old. Actually, this photo is old. Couldn’t find any new. They are ok.

Couple from Somalia


They look truly made for each other. Very nice photo.  This yellow really suits her.  So simple and elegant.

Ancient style Egyptian wedding


Don’t feel like commenting on this one. But yes there you go.

Turkish wedding couple


This is such a beautiful picture. Everything is so perfect.  Her dress and style. Both look so nice together.

And the next post will be coming soon with different photos. Catch it on wedding couples around the globe part 2.