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Catching up with my blog

It’s been really really long that I have not written anything.

I am not a professional blogger and I don’t write to earn. Blogging just gives me a way to express myself  and keep the moments and experience locked in words where I can come and read whenever I want. 

I checked my stats and views from last week and I’m quite suprised to know, with this little content my blog has been viewed regularly. Thanks a lot for all of those who are reading.

My baby girl is 9.5 months now. Growing and learning  very quickly.  Life is so beautiful with her and I can’t keep my eyes off her. I’m truly blessed alhumdulillah.

Our weaning journey is also going pretty good. But she still doesn’t have any teeth yet.  So madam been bit moody sometimes because of her swollen gums.

Life is going like a roller coaster. Sometimes I can’t get hold of it and I think I am missing out on a lot of things. Having baby is a full time job. Sometimes you don’t even get a break.newd some motivation to write again

Hope will get really good stuff to write about in coming days .

Love you all .


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Story of my failure, My driving test journey

Back in 2013, when I was so stupid that I thought to step into this learning to drive. I was over the moon when i passed my theory test first time. Then I started putting my money in driving lessons. Must have made good business for instructors.  Really man! I never counted but must have spent more than 2 grand. I was so naive to believe that I’m going to pass on my first attempt. So confident I was. There you go … to the test centre first time… brake from examiner. Straight.  FAIL!!!!!!!


Second time .. didn’t observe the car emerging from the junction .. FAIL!!!!!!

Third time .. reverse round the corner. Nerves .. couldn’t fix it .. touched the kerb . FAIL……

Fourth time .. I don’t even remember .. effing FAIL !

Fifth time .. sixth time .. I forgot . FAIL FAIL FAIL. … … AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH

Seventh time I was heavily pregnant  and the test centre didn’t have toilets. It was my best test. But I FAILED.. I really cried that day. It was so bad.


Today was my 8th attempt. Guess what ???













FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL +%×%÷€×€€×^#;#&@;




I will not give up. Will try next time.  But honestly, seriously I’m hopeless. This is so embarrassing. I feel like I’m not made to drive on roads. On top of everything, I left work. Now my husband has to pay for further.

I’m the one who always makes mistakes. Still have a long way to go.

I don’t like failures! 😓


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Do you earn to waste ?

Wasting your privileges is like flushing money in toilet


Nobody in the world is ready to give all the money they have to the ones who really need it. But they are happily ready to spend it in the things they actually don’t need.  Do you want to know how ? Let’s see..

Big portions of burgers and chips and most of it go in bin right?Screenshot_2016-03-29-22-00-06-1

Imagine a week without food?


Chinese take away mummy it’s weekend..

Uhh! I don’t feel like eating anymore..


This is their meal for the whole day..


Leaving the tap open while brushing teeth?


Someone is not even able to get clean drinking water


Those who know it’s worth


Water and food, two necessities of life that we often overlooked and don’t even take for granted .

Living in countries like UK and US, the most common thing you observe is too much wastage. No I’m not promoting any campaign. In my own house there’s a lot of food that has been wasted and that is the reason that made me write this blog. I live in a sharing house where not everything is in my hands. I can’t stop people or interfere in their life. But they always complain about money. When they see their bills, they are like,


I am really hurt to see how people themselves don’t realize of what’s going wrong where. I don’t agree of saving money and don’t spend on your basic needs or just keep it in your accounts till the end of your life. I just want to tell people. Do spend your money on something good. Better giving charity then wasting.

Saving money

Well no.. If you see buy one get one free on your nearest supermarket and you think you are saving money then you are wrong.


Sometimes you get 2 when you just even want one.  Just for the sake of taking advantage of offer the item goes directly in the bin after a week.

Screenshot_2016-03-29-21-58-35-1Screenshot_2016-03-29-22-21-23-1I want to tell all the people and specially all the mothers that one penny makes a pound or breaks it. If you safe for now it will benefit you or your children later in life. There are so many ways to save money.

If you are pregnant and about to give birth consider breastfeeding . Formula milk is very expensive. Screenshot_2016-03-29-22-26-46-1

Shocking isn’t it ?


Put the dishwashing liquid on the scourer not directly on pots or pans. It’s really annoying. You don’t know how much you waste buying those bottles every week and how much you can save using one for many days.


Seriously, almost everyone is in debt because of the blessing of credit cards and interests. Get out of it as soon as you can and see the difference. You will feel much more light and happy.



I’m so thankful to God for what I have. I’m also thankful to him for the things I don’t have. Because whenever I will get that in my life it will be much more worth in it. I want my daughter to be greatful and appreciate of what I give her. Money is not everything in life but we earn to live. There are so many people who are deprived of basic things. Look after them.