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Miracle cold and flu syrup (home remedy)

Cold or flu

Being a parent, the worst nightmare is waking up with one of your kid or baby coughing their lungs out. There are countless causes. Change in weather or virus. But if one member of family has it. Then he will pass it on to everybody.  My older daughter catches it from nursery and then she passes it on my younger one and in the end it’s my turn to fell ill. Really not looking forward to it this winter.

I have given up taking my kids to the doctor’s when they catch cold. Because every time I have been told to do what I am already doing. That is, “just give them paracetamol” . Unfortunately, the symptoms persists even after giving medicine.

My mum once told me to make a syrup and coincidentally I had everything in my pantry. So I made it and the best thing it does is relieving itchy throat and it clears the phlegm.

The apple cider vinegar clears the bacteria where honey soothes the throat and forms a layer and stops inflammation. The ginger has enormous benefits for cold and flu.

You need ;

2 tbsp Honey ,  half a ginger grated  , 1 tsp apple cider vinegar or lemon, 1 pinch cayenne pepper or black pepper (powdered) , 2 pinch cinnamon powder


Add all the ingredients in a small jar and there you go. You can keep it at room temperature for a week.